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The migration process may be a tedious and difficult task for the business, without losing data migrate to another version is quite complex. Here we ensure to migrate odoo old version to the latest and advanced version with some beneficial features.


Migration Process

Migration Process

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1. Study on an existing system
2. Code Migration
3. Data Migration
4. Integrity Testing
5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
6. Training
7. Synchronize Data
8. Provide proper guidance

Why should you go for Odoo Upgradation?

Every year Odoo comes up with a new version, and this new edition has new advanced features and technology. Some organizations want to migrate their system and also there are some who are satisfied with the existing system. Basically upgrading the system is a positive sign for your business, for the continuous growth of your business and making more efficient system upgradation is crucial for your business. Here, there is some reason behind odoo Upgradation:

  • Get new advanced features with exalted Quality
  • To make more efficient your business
  • Rapidly fulfill your business requirement
  • Always next to forecast business needs

There is also some reason, which makes you have to take this decision:

No one wants to migrate their system because of some other difficulty and that’s why they avoid the migration or upgradation process, because they are satisfied with the current system. But we all know every year Odoo released a new version with new features and editions which make easy to use of the system.

1) Odoo has moved from python version 2.x to 3.x and changed the api's completely.

2) The more significant issue will be losing support for more vital systems:

– Support for Python 2.x is discontinued in 2020.

– Support for PostgreSQL 9.4 has ended in 2019.
– Support for Ubuntu 14.04 has already ended in April 2020

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